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What we do

Your carpets are evaluated for cleaning needs, since every carpet must be treated differently depending on soiling.  We move any necessary furniture* and then we begin by vacuuming with an upright vacuum cleaner for a thorough removal of dry soils. The carpet is then pre-treated for difficult spots and pre-sprayed.  We agitate with a carpet rake which lifts up the pile and ensures an even and deep spread of the active pre-spray. We deeply inject the pile with heated water (steam) which loosens up dirt and sanitises  the carpets and it is then drawn out again by our powerful vacuum blower, which ensures quick dry times. This method of carpet cleaning is recommended by the leading carpet manufacturers such as Cavalier Bremworth.  If furniture has been moved we return it back to their original spots and place disposable furniture protectors under underneath to protect carpet and furniture while it finishes drying.

Breakable furnishings such as TV’s, stereos etc will need to be moved by customer prior commencement of cleaning. Extremely heavy furnishings such as pianos, large units/ sideboards/wardrobes etc will not be moved due to health & safety risks.

What could live in my carpets?

Dust mites, pet dander, skin flakes, dirt & faecal matter from outside can be found on carpets in the cleanest of homes.  Using a domestic vacuum cleaner cannot always pick up dirt which is trapped deep down in the pile.  It is recommended to have your carpets steamed cleaned using high powered,  professional equipment to keep your carpets, rugs & upholstery clean and free from nasties.

Why Choose a professional?

Choosing a reputable carpet cleaning company is ideal as the supermarket DIY machines or the“jack of all trades” carpet cleaners can over wet carpets because the equipment may not have the power to remove the majority of moisture from the carpets. This could lead to browning and irreversible damage to your investment, or your landlord’s investment.

How long does it take to dry?

Average dry time for carpets can be around the 5 hour mark.  This largely depends of type of carpet, the degree of cleaning required, the weather and also individual home types - some are warmer than others.  If dry times are a concern to you then we have professional centrifugal air movers and dehumidifiers to help speed things up.  

Upholstery & Soft Furnishing  Cleaning

Intensive Carpet Clean can clean a variety of upholstered and material surfaces.  From sofas, suites, to armchairs, office chairs, dining chairs and mattresses.  If you are needing a quality yet affordable service you have certainly come to the right place.  We take care to ensure a highly professional finish and to make sure the cleaning is done right.  We use professional products and equipment as to not damage or alter the appearance of the  upholstery. With over 14 years industry experience and as you can see from our before and after shots,  why not contact us with your enquiry and let us help you out.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Whether you have a shop, office, gym or centre, Intensive Carpet Clean can take care of the carpet cleaning needs.  We can work within your time restraint, working after our normal hours to accommodate yours.  We are fully insured and have a health & safety policy for your piece of mind.  With over 14 years experience over in the UK and in New Zealand  we have currently worked with our Nelson clientele for the last 5 years.  We have a returning client base who asks us to service their carpets & hard floors 6 monthly to yearly.  Some of our regular clients include:

ASB Aquatics Centre & Gym - Birchwood School - The Saxton Field Hockey and Sports Pavilion - The Stoke Medical Centre - Access Dental Nelson - The Ark Preschool - Zumo Coffee - The Indian Bistro Richmond

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