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Odour Control

Even our most loved pets have little accidents. Pet urine stain removal and odour control is a science unto itself.  Combine the variety of fabrics in your home with the animal's gender, diet and health and no two pet stains are exactly alike.  We have disinfectants as well as enzyme and high acid deodorizers and stain removers.  We treat urine stains and odour on carpet, mattresses,  rugs  and upholstery. If the offensive odour has penetrated deep into the pile we can lift carpet up, treat the underlay, flooring and the underside of carpet and re-lay carpet back it is original position.  It is important  to treat urine odour and stains as soon as possible because as it ages, urine will gain more staining abilities. It is necessary to neutralise it as soon as possible to prevent permanent discolorations.

Animal Stains & Odour

Clean them up yourself - no need to call us

We have a professional odour removing product available to our customers who are having ongoing issues with their beloved pets or unwanted animal visitors who like to leave little parcels on the carpet or furnishings.  The product comes in an easy to use 500ml trigger bottle and is either scented or unscented.  It is safe to use around your animals, childern and is biodegradable so its good for our planet.  Interested? Call us today for more information.