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Tom Gower

Stains we tackle

Cordials, Beer, Coffee, Tea, Blood, Crayon, Jam, Grease & Fat’s, Oils, Ink, Orange drinks (fanta), Iodine, Jelly, Make-up’s (foundation, mascara, lipstick etc), Paint, Red wine, Soup, Rust marks, Shoe polish, Fizzy drink’s, Tomato sauce, Urine, Vomit, Urine, Furniture wood stains, And more!

Stain Removal

Carpet and upholstery stains are an everyday part of life. With over 14 years experience in the industry Tom has a superior knowledge in stain removing and he is equipped with an array of agents and products to remove a variety of stains including beverage stains, food stains, pet stains, medicine,  blood, rust, chewing gum and cosmetic stains.  Knowledge on how stains can be removed from different fabric types are a must and needs to be taken into consideration for a successful stain removal. The variety of surfaces and types (wools, acrylic, nylon etc) can respond to treatments differently and some stain removal treatments can actually damage carpets and lock in the stain if they are not applied correctly.