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emergency flood cleanup service now available

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Hot water cylinder burst? Kids left the tap on with the plug still in? Or maybe the washing machine didn’t drain properly?

Now there is a pool of water streaming down your hall way! - Whatever disaster - don’t worry and just give us a call, we can sort the issue out.  

With our professional industrial dehumidifiers, air circulators, flood wands, moisture readers and a powerful petrol operated truck mount vacuum extractor we can remove that damaging water in no-time.  

Sometimes just soaking up the water with towels and using household dehumidifiers and wet vacs won’t rectify the problem.  This is because water can get deep into carpet pile and soak the underlay.  Only by using professional equipment and products can sort this problem out.  If water is left un extracted in flooring, carpets, and furnishings for a time, mould, mildew and damage can occur, this then leads onto more trouble and higher costs to rectify the situation.

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Residential, commercial and insurance flood work undertaken.

Carpet Flood Cleanup|Restoration  

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